12 may. 2021

House Of Seb

Queridos amigos y enemigos del blog, hoy es miércoles y no puede faltar la lectura de los nuevos artistas que están marcando tendencias!

Aca les dejo dos entrevistas ,la primera con una gran amigo Sebastien de "House of Seb" y la segunda entrevistada una promesa femenina en el mundo de las bateas "Honey B".

Sin más versos los dejo con la lectura!

Hello and introduce yourself, tell us who you are and what your goals are with music.

Hello, my name is Sebastien Bousseton.

I produce music under the Artist name "House Of Seb" , I am a French Electronic and House Music Producer.  Music is first a hobby for me, and Initially I was creating music for myself. Based on the evolution of technology (software,hardware, internet deployment) and as I had the opportunity with the Covid Lockdown to invest time, I decided to learn the musical distribution and share my creation with people widely.

Where are you living right now?

Born in the north of France near Belgium, Now I live in the South Of France on the Côte d’Azur near Nice.

 What is your favorite style of music and why?

Clearly the House Music have always been inside me, and even if my initial immersion was in House Music Belgium Club, I have a big feeling with Chicago House Music style where I took my inspiration. I love also Techno, and If you remember the New Beat & Acid Music Style I love it aswell.

How did you start DJ and producing?

My music journey started at a very young age, end of 80s, at the early beginning of the House Music & New Beat that we could hear in famous Belgium Clubs. At this period I started with a small computer to produce piece of electronic music, loops, that I used when I Djing with friends during small parties. Then due to other priorities in my life, I put the music production on the side, to come back in 2020 during the first covid lockdown. I invest in hardware, software, and I start to think about a first song to distribute that I named « Departure » as my start in the music production.

Who is your biggest influence in music?

Frankie Knuckles, Mike Dunn, Jamie Principle, are the main artists that I listened in loop during a decade, and still today as references.

What separates you from other DJs and producers?

I would say that I produce music I love. I built my own style, my universe, my own sound signature in the house music genre. As Electronic music exists since decades, and due to the big number of existing Bedroom producers,  it’s more and more difficult to differentiate. I’d say that the only one persons who can decide about where I am categorized are my listeners and fans. 

If you could choose any place in the world you would like to tour, where would it be and why?

 Without hesitation : Thailand.

Thailand is a wonderful place where all is easy and possible. A lot of big parties are organized in Thailand like the Full Moon Party and Half Moon Party on Ko Pha Ngan Island with a lot of great DJ. I already went 6 times in Thailand, and 2 times to these big parties. It’s a special universe, where you can listen good electronic music on the beach or in the jungle.

How did you get to the sound you produce?

The sound I use and create, are those that I have in mind before the song creation. Using VST Synth you can create what you want in terms of sound. To use an existing one and adapt it is easy, but to create a new one based on what you imagine is another piece of cake. Without trying to differentiate myself creating new sound, I create sound that I like that I see well seated in the overall groove of the song.

What do you think of Music Container Blog?

First, Music Container is a great professional, he produces also very good music that I love and I encourage you all to listen without waiting, so his blog is at his level : Very good, Interesting Content to learn about other artists in the electronic & house music genre. Music Container succeed to build this community of artists to work together.

What advice would offer aspiring performers?

To produce, produce, produce…read, read, read music books, and learn, learn, learn without moderation.

Indeed, it’s hard to immediately produce good music. And it’s worst to finish a track as you are never satisfied of yourself during the production/mixing/mastering phase. There is always knob to tweak or EQ Adjustment that can change the picture of your song. 


1) produce a lot to progress even if you are not 100% satisfied 

2) read a lot to know about the music theory and business marketing 

3) learn a lot following video tutorials to quickly understand best practices and stay up to date.

What is the one thing that you would like to connect with your music?

Something that interest me in that moment is how the "world" and mainly the environment will become in the future. We are more and more people on the planet. If we don’t try now to protect and control it, it will become a nightmare for our children. Linked with that, as you can see in my discography, I tried to build a thematic approach for my music. As mentioned earlier, "Departure" is like a start for me in music production. I decided then to produce tracks linked with the four universe fundamental elements. I created "Warm" to represent the fire, "World " to represent the earth, and "Deep Breath" to represent the air.. I have still to think about the last element representing the water to have the complete picture. 

Please feel free to add whatever you want.

The 30th April I released my latest song "Come On" which is a dance music track associating impressive vocals with funky bass and House Saxophone. With that track I wanted to prepare everybody to the summer and holidays, providing them freedom due to our current Covid Lockdown Environment. I have also melodies in mind and ideas to produce a Techno-House track in a near future.

I take also the opportunity of this interview to Thank you very much Music Container and all people following and listening my music. It encourages me to pursue and provide good contents. 

Let’s stay connected and Take care of you !

See you Soon ! House Of Seb

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